Meet Larry and Rhonda Allen – Serving in Africa


Here’s a little tidbit that was buried in the middle of a video during Missions Celebration: Timberline Church currently helps financially support 104 missionaries in over 40 countries. Most of them are listed on the Love Reaches website.

Larry and Rhonda Allen are currently serving in Zimbabwe with Assemblies of God World Missions after serving in Malawi for 13 years. The goal of their ministry is to evangelize by planting churches, educate by training leaders, and empower through compassionate ministries to reach the unreached and rejected including those infected with HIV/AIDS. You can read more about their ministry at www.allensinafrica.orgFingerprints Across Africa is a nonprofit organization founded by Rhonda to help with the compassion ministry projects that they had a hand in starting.

While the Allens were in Malawi, Timberline Church sent 3 medical teams and the majority of people on a construction team. One medical team went to Ngodzi in Salima district and two teams went to Dubai Village in Lilongwe, where the first House of Promise (family-style home for orphans) was located. The construction team went to work on a training center/executive offices project, but ended up working on the foundation for a church since they were waiting for city permits.

This fall, new Timberline Ambassador Jenica Edwards ( will be joining the Allens in Zimbabwe for a two-year commitment. Larry and Rhonda are excited that Jenica is coming and hope to get her connected in working with troubled youth through a local church (although much of that depends on government permissions, or lack thereof).

The Allens will be at Timberline Church on Wednesday, March 26, during the midweek evening service. Come learn more about their ministry and how to pray for them.

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