God’s Love at Work in Mexico

Will and Kathy

It takes a lot of strength and bravery to follow God’s calling.  In August of 2010, Will and Kathy Horton did just that.  They sold their house and most of their possessions in Fort Collins and moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  On the surface, Puerto Vallarta seems to be very prosperous, but there are many economic problems, extensive drug and alcohol abuse and women who are subjected to domestic violence.  Will and Kathy work with Ric and Joy Lehman through their church, “Worship in Paradise.”  Timberline Church has partnered with them since their move in 2010.

Will and Kathy coordinate teams who come to Puerto Vallarta and arrange projects for persons of any age and ability. In the past, teams have helped construct a cinderblock wall to help a single mother feel safe in her community and painted an interior room for a local Spanish speaking church. Teams have also helped in the orphanage, assisted with feeding programs for children and performed drama and music with the children. Most importantly, teams have made loving relationships with members of the Puerto Vallarta church, despite the language barrier.


Looking toward the future, Timberline Church hopes to partner with the Banderas Bay Women’s Shelter, which currently is still under construction. This will serve as safe environment to provide basic needs for women and their children who are victims of domestic violence. A team will be going later this year to help with this project. See www.LoveReaches.org for more information about the trip and an application.

At the Mission Celebration interactive experience on March 12th, visitors will be able to peek into the lives of the Puerto Vallarta citizens and view pictures of the work teams have done in previous years. Information and photographs of the construction of the Women’s shelter will also be available in addition to something special for the kids.

(Courtesy of Storyteller Nicole Sutton)

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