Under the Love Reaches Umbrella

missions_reaches2Those who have been around Timberline Church for any period of time know that our motto is to “Let Love Live.” That vision shows up in five Peak areas including Love Reaches whose mission statement is driven by “reaching our world with God’s love.” We reach out and serve others because God first reached out to us.

While this year’s Mission Celebration Week is focusing on our Church-to-Church partnerships around the world, Love Reaches covers a whole lot more! Here are more of the ministries included under the Love Reaches umbrella:

  • SERVE 6.8 (including fire and flood recovery and the Murphy Center)
  • The Bridge / Adopt-a-Family
  • Welcome Child / Orphan Ministry
  • U COUNT Campaign
  • Short-term missions trips
  • Strategic Missionary Partners
  • Timberline Ambassadors
  • Prayer and Care
  • Hospitality for visiting missionaries
  • Storytellers (website, blog, social media, video)

To learn more or stay connected to the story of all that God is doing through Timberline Church, visit our website at www.lovereaches.org, sign up to get new blog posts at the top of the sidebar at www.lovereaches.wordpress.com, or use the sidebar links to follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page. To receive weekly missions updates via email, email kstewart@timberlinechurch.org.

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