Your Tips Have an Amazing Impact

Cafe 2

The Timberline Church Cafe serves a bigger purpose than the perfect place to get a cup of coffee on Sunday morning. Did you know that all cafe tips go to missions projects? The spare change you slip into the tip jar means more than you may realize.

In 2013, $6,485.50 in tips was given in the cafe!

Because of your tips, the cafe was able to help three ministries: Arise Rwanda, Eagles Wings Project and Beam Africa Network. We were able to help pay for a water well in Rwanda through Living Water, fund a boys and girls mentor program at a secondary school in Rwanda, and feed preschoolers porridge in Rwanda. These are just the highlights of the amazing impact simple tip money is accomplishing worldwide!

As the Timberline Cafe looks forward to 2014, tips will continue to support Eagles Wings Project and Arise Rwanda as well as other ministries around the world.

Next time you order a delicious coffee beverage, consider dropping a little change into the tip jar. It is humbling to know what great things the Lord can do with the small tips given.

(Courtesy of Storyteller Nicole Sutton)

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