U COUNT to Make a Difference


Slavery still exists today through the fast-growing crime of sex trafficking. Beginning as young as age seven, millions of women are sold into sex slavery all over the world, with the largest hotspot in India. In response to this terrible crime against humanity, the U COUNT Campaign was launched at Timberline Church as a team effort to bring hope and freedom to victims of sex slavery.

U COUNT strives to increase awareness of both local and global sex trafficking, provides opportunities for action, and supports anti-trafficking endeavors all over the world through prayer, financial donations, and business partnerships. In partnership with Project Rescue, they provide funds for a safe residential and working environment in Kolkata, India. They also economically empower at risk women and girls, as well as former victims, by marketing their products.

U COUNT marketplace

During services on January 25 and 26, Timberline Church will be spotlighting the U COUNT Campaign for people to learn about the injustice and despair of sex trafficking as well as provide opportunities to make a differences. At tables in the mall, information will be available about domestic sex trafficking, U COUNT Men, Front Range Freedom Tour 2014, prayer needs, corporate sponsors, and The Healing Journey. In addition, this weekend will be a great time to purchase some of the beautiful handmade items made with love by the women and children at risk or victimized by sex trafficking and learn more information about their lives. There will also be an Art Auction to help raise funds needed to build the Home of Hope in New Delhi for children rescued from the sex trade.

Last year, the U COUNT Campaign:

  • Helped open the Project Rescue New Delhi Outreach Center in the heart of the Red Light District, providing prayer, counseling, education, and medical care to victimized women and children. In November, they hosted Kevin and Lucy Donaldson, the on-site missionaries for this project.
  • Launched the Fort Collins Anti-Sex Trafficking Community Response Team for law enforcement, prosecutors, and community service leaders to collaborate, identify gaps, and develop protocols of care.
  • Grew the business and marketing aspects of the Marketplace as well as added products from a Project Rescue in Tajikistan, thereby increasing the diversity of items for sale and multiplying the number of women receiving an income from their creative work.

Looking forward to 2014, the U COUNT Campaign is focusing on several projects.

  • Through fundraising, U COUNT will financially support the Project Rescue Home of Hope in New Delhi, India. The money raised from fundraisers will go toward the land purchase, construction, and financial support for partnering missionaries residing there. This residence will serve as a home for the rescued daughters and sons of prostituted women.
  • Sell Dream T’s t-shirts and sweatshirts to send rescued girls to college through the Project Rescue Scholarship Program and help them one day achieve their dreams.
  • Continued growth in the Domestic Anti-Trafficking Efforts. They will be financially supporting Anti-Sex Trafficking work in the community through partnerships such as the Community Response Team, Bridging Services and hotline number, statewide initiatives, and Sarah’s Home.
  •  Provide prevention training for vulnerable populations through a curriculum called “Chosen.”

Plan to attend services this weekend and stop by a table in the mall to get more information or purchase products from the Marketplace or the Art Auction. Please pray for the U COUNT Campaign and consider how your efforts count to make a difference in someone’s life by bringing help and hope to those at risk and victimized by sex trafficking – both globally and locally.

If you would like more information about the U COUNT Campaign, visit www.ucountcampaign.org or like U COUNT Campaign on Facebook at www.facebook.com/UCOUNTCampaign.

(Courtesy of Storyteller Nicole Sutton)

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