Calling All Bakers For The Bridge

Bridge Goodies 2

It’s time to fire up the mixer and pull out the baking sheets. Sugar cookie cut outs with red and green icing. Powdered sugar coated snowballs. Pinwheels and bird nests. Fudge and cookie bars and pumpkin bread.

In addition to providing yummy treats for your family and friends, you can also help share Christmas cheer with those in need by donating your favorite homemade cookies, bars, or sweet bread creations.

This year’s Bridge celebration needs dozens of home-baked goodies as we host special families for a holiday dinner, entertainment, and gifts. The treats will be arranged on platters for dessert and add a homey-touch to the evening. In fact, organizers anticipate feeding 900 people each evening!

Sign up at

Drop off Location: Timberline Church Arts Room (just east of the main auditorium)

Drop off Dates: December 16 & 17: 7:30 am – 9:00 pm or December 18: 7:30 am – noon.

Thank you for helping us provide a sweet ending to this memorable event!

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