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Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. ~ James 1:27

While not everyone is called to the sacrifice required when bringing a wounded child into the home, everyone can participate in this “pure religion” by lending a helping hand to those who do. The mission of Finally Home Foundation is to equip communities to rally around the heroes who are adoptive and foster parents.

The older a child is when they enter the home, typically the more complex their problems. Parents walking this difficult road can rapidly grow distant and isolated from both friends and family. Isolation, along with the magnitude of the challenges, inevitably puts pressure on their marriage – and a healthy marriage is essential to the healing these children so desperately need, and so fiercely resist.

While the foster system offers many tools for assisting the children (including case management, educational classes, medication, and psychological assessments), they offer little or nothing for the couple. It is even more challenging for foreign-adoptive and private-adoption parents who quickly find themselves completely on their own.

Finally Home was formed in 2008 around the passion of two families who are foster and foreign-adoptive parents respectively. Fueled by a desire to help parents overcome the unforeseen challenges and provide a loving home for a wounded child, their top priority is to strengthen the most vulnerable link – the marriage. Whether foster, foreign, or private adoption, they discovered three areas of consistent need for parents:

1. THE COUPLE – Provide marriage and family tools and encouragement

2. A BREAK – Offer time to learn together as a couple, with the security of knowing there is vigilant, constructive, and affirmative childcare provided

3. RESOURCES – Form local foster and adoptive relationships and communities through networking, the discovery that “We are not alone,” access to an expanding base of resources, and follow-up care.

Seeking to meet the needs of these heroic families, Finally Home set out to develop an effective resource for adoptive families that could be duplicated and eventually rolled out nationally. They are currently in the states of California and Colorado. You can watch their mission summary video at

(Many thanks to Kristin Orphan for sharing the heart of Finally Home.)

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