Welcome Home Timberline Ambassador Noah Myers

Noah Myers 1

As we welcome home Timberline Ambassador Noah Myers, we asked him to share with us a little about what he’s been up to over the past year and how it impacted his life. Here’s what he had to say:

Well, I’ve been stateside for about a month now, marking 12 months since I left for my 11 month trip doing missionary work in 11 countries. I now have the great privilege and honor of summarizing my experience to all of you in 500 words. Let me start with just stating the obvious that this isn’t enough room to express everything. If you really wanted to learn everything I could share from the race, you’d need a whole year with me or to just go on the race yourself.

Let’s just say World Race was amazing. It was the most impactful year of my life, both in ways that I consciously understand about how it has changed me and in ways I probably won’t understand for years about its influence on me. It was a fun year – full of adventures, challenges, victories, and losses. In some ways I want to talk about what I did, the schools we worked with, the ministries we helped, or the churches we built, but I feel like you’ve heard all of that stuff before, so I thought I would show you more about how I was changed.

Noah Myers 2

My definition of what it means to be a servant has been changed forever. Every month we went to different contacts to do ministry in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and even Australia, expecting to serve them as best we knew how. We expected to be working non-stop serving our hosts but instead the opposite seemed to happen. Contacts in Africa washed our shoes several times a week. Our contact in Nepal spent his own personal money to give us food that he knew we would enjoy. Almost every contact washed our clothes for us … by hand. We went to serve and bless these people and I felt like in the end it was us who benefitted the most from these relationships, not them. It was a picture of servant leadership.

My role of logistics leader for our squad was as challenging as I expected it to be. Coordinating travel, food and often housing for fifty-plus people as they travel literally around the world isn’t an easy task. I’d never taken a role like that before and I knew I was going to be in over my head at least until I got used to it. And when our final month finally rolled around, I was still in over my head. In the end, I can tell you that I am better at that type of work then when I started, and there is no way I could have done that job without Christ. There were countless times of praying for the Lord’s favor in situations beyond my control that I felt weren’t going to work out for our transportation or housing. But every time G-d came thru. It worked out in a way that made it clear to me that G-d was the one pulling the strings and not me.

Noah Myers 3

So after 11 months what was my big takeaway? What was the big thing that I learned that I’ll never forget.

Ask me in a few years.

Let’s just say G-d is my teacher and class is always in session.

But if you do want to learn more you can check out my world race blog at noahmyers.theworldrace.org or my current blog at coloradogiant.wordpress.com.

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