Update on Timberline Ambassador Ryan Pauly

Ryan Pauly 1

After graduating from college, Timberline Ambassador Ryan Pauly made the commitment to become a missionary in the Dominican Republic. One year turned into two as his ministry grew. Today, his main area of work is teaching at La Vega Christian School, but he is also involved in a baseball ministry, assists short-term missions teams from the United States, and helps support Haitian schools. In addition to teaching, he works in the local church by leading worship, preaching, and serving as a youth leader.

Just over a year ago, Ryan founded Transition Ministry to equip today’s youth with a clear understanding of the Gospel and provide a covering for his work as a missionary. God rapidly expanded his vision. Ryan wrote, “A few weeks after Transition Ministry was founded, I was presented with the idea of doing student sponsorships for a Haitian school that we helped build in August of 2011. Soon, $384/month was being given to the Haitian school to sponsor 26 students and their teacher, but it didn’t stop there. A donation was given to build a kitchen at the school, and now with the new construction project, the Rose of Sharon Educational Center, over $31,000 has been donated for the land and school building! This building will provide four classrooms for the Haitian School, serve as a Dominican afterschool program, and host a church. There are future plans for a second level that will serve as a vocational training center for adults.”

“I believe that God has even bigger plans in the future. Plans to continue to working with the Haitians, plans for La Vega Christian School, and plans for a new missions internship program for university students. God has not only put the youth of the Dominican Republic on my heart, but He has also put the youth of the U.S. on my heart, especially those that have felt the call to be missionaries. I want to provide a way for university students to receive missions training so that they can one day go out and work for the Lord in other countries.”

Ryan is currently back in the United States raising support and sharing the vision about what God is doing in the Dominican Republic. Find out more about Ryan’s work, sign up for his newsletter, or learn how to sponsor a child at http://www.transitionministry.com.

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