Welcome Home Timberline Ambassadors – The Cherry Family

Cherry family 1

In June 2012, Sean and Tiffany Cherry moved their family to Guatemala for a year because they wanted to experience a different culture and lifestyle while doing orphan ministry more full time. They planned to work alongside Pastor Araceli and her ministries while being open to whatever God had in store for them. They ended up spending a lot of time at two orphanages where they built relationships with the directors and staff. They also led youth group for about 60 teens from the missionary community.

The impact on their family was huge because they saw a lot of things that broke their hearts and will never leave them. As Tiffany Cherry said, “We became closer as a family as we were all experiencing the same emotions and really relied on each other to navigate through them. We also saw that true joy comes from the Lord and nothing else. We learned that God’s plan is not always our plan but in the end, His is better than ours.”

Cherry family 2

Now that they are back home, they will continue to support the orphanages they worked with in Guatemala and believe their main mission field will be here in Fort Collins. “We aren’t 100% sure what that will look like, but we have no doubt God will guide us along the way.”

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