It’s Backpack Time Again!

Since you’ve probably noticed that stores have aisles of school supplies on sale, that means it’s time again to sign up (if you haven’t already), shop, and fill a backpack for a child in our community.

A Backpack of My Own is in it’s 5th year partnering to provide filled backpacks for Foster and Adoptive Families of Larimer County. FAFLC is a non-profit organization formed to support families in our county who are foster and adoptive families. Timberline Church/Welcome Child Ministry has been the sole support of this effort and has provided FAFLC with over 1000 filled backpacks since 2009. This a very tangible way that we can say “Thank you!” to the foster and adoptive families in our community.

There will be tables in the mall for the next three weekends to sign up and drop off backpacks at both Timberline Church in Fort Collins and at the Windsor campus.

One response to “It’s Backpack Time Again!

  1. Eunice Stegner

    Could you please send me a list of supplies for the backpacks. I forgot to pick up the list on Sun.

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