Building a Fence for Sarah’s Home

Sarahs Home logo

Last month, a group of men from U COUNT Campaign’s construction team dug holes and set posts for a fence around Sarah’s Home and another group will be returning this weekend to install the siding. The completion of the fencing project will enable this home to open soon and provide a safe haven for girls rescued from human trafficking. The property contains a home for the girls, a home to be used by the case worker, and a separate building used for an office and storage.

The interaction between the U COUNT Campaign construction team and Sarah’s Home began last summer when another group helped with interior renovations by hanging cabinets and laying tile. The men’s group then raised roughly $5000 through a car show to help pay for the needed fencing materials. (See the post about last year’s trip.)

After additional fundraising activities and frustrating delays, the team was finally able to make the necessary arrangements. The initial cost projection of $7400 for materials was reduced to a final cost of under $5000 – meaning that all funds raised in 2013 can be set aside for other projects or needs at Sarah’s Home. In addition to the supplier discounting the materials because of the nature of the project, four employees from partner Aztek Fencing donated their time to help with the fence construction. And the delays that pushed the project to the busiest time of year? They were a miracle that allowed one team member to participate and serve as an inspiration to the rest of the team after battling serious health issues.

Team member Doug Evans described his emotional walk through the Home and seeing the writings on the wall such as “I come empty to be filled, “I come broken to be mended,” and “I come wounded to be healed.” As he wrote to the other men supporting this project through events like the annual car show, “Don’t ever underestimate what all of you are doing for Christ and these young girls, some who are 6th or 7th graders. These girls are diamonds in the rough and they can and will be everything that God intends for them to be.”

All because a group of men helped build a fence for Sarah’s Home.

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