It Wasn’t A Bike Ride – The Freedom Tour Report

“It’s an incredible thing to concoct an impossible vision and then watch it hatch before your eyes.” Rich Dixon had a dream to lead a group of riders along the Front Range from the Wyoming State Capitol building in Cheyenne to Raton pass in New Mexico and use the opportunity to raise awareness and money for the U COUNT Campaign and the fight against human trafficking. The team cycled more than 400 miles with a collective 2,750 miles in the saddle. They rode bikes, but it wasn’t a bike ride.

As Rich wrote, “Want to know how to make a difference? Find a group of committed people. Form a community based on love and service around the notion of shared sacrifice for a common purpose. Rinse and repeat.”

Read more about their journey through Rich’s own words on his blog at

When Impossible Happens.

The Soigneurs. (Those who care for the riders physical needs)

Incredible Coincidence.

A Pile Of Stones.

Blessed To Be A Blessing.

Which Way Do We Go?

Helmets Up!

Snowin On Raton.

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