Welcome Home Timberline Ambassador Hannah Mullaney

Hannah 1

It was the passion for sharing God’s love that sent Hannah Mullaney on a missions trip to Guatemala from January to May of 2013. During these five months, she lived with many missionary families around the capital of Guatemala. She joined them for church and youth group and spent lots of time loving the people there. Hannah visited a children’s home called, Jesucristo Es Mi Casa, which means, Jesus is My House.

At the children’s home, there were many crazy and chaotic days. Sometimes it was difficult for the kids to focus and cooperate. Hannah learned how to use her authoritative voice while working with the kids. Whenever the kids were being crazy, she learned that it was okay to be stern with them in order to redirect their focus. Sometimes Hannah was tired and wanted to give up but she heard the kids singing and praising God and it was a reminder as to why she was there and He was in charge.

At the end of each day, Hannah looked back and was thankful for everything that happened. She had many favorite moments. One morning, Hannah and an intern went to a church close to their house. As they walked inside, everyone was freely dancing and worshipping in a huge room. There was a section of the roof that was unfinished and birds could fly in. They were flying all around and were perched in the rafters, chirping loudly, as they too, praised God. This moment was very special and beautiful to Hannah.

Hannah 2

On her birthday, a huge surprise waited for Hannah as she walked into Jesucristo Es Mi Casa. She was blindfolded, then taken to a room where all of the kids were waiting with a basket of cards, songs and a birthday cake. They even decorated the place in honor of her birthday. The same day, the children had a lesson on love because it was shortly after Valentine’s day. Hannah was so thankful for all of the love that was shared that day.

Hannah learned many lessons on her trip. She learned how to be still and remain in the Lord especially on days when she felt overwhelmed by the things happening around her. To calm down, she rejoiced and sang and reminded herself that the Lord has everything in his hands. One day, Hannah shared God’s love to a little girl who was going through a difficult time. She and the little girl talked about God’s love and how He loves us wherever we are and no matter who we are and to always trust in Him.

Hannah 3

Hannah also learned that God always provides. They never went without food because people would bring food or there was free food in the market. People always jumped in to help out. On a day when the church was having baptisms, one woman donated sandwiches for lunch and made sure everyone had one, including the woman who made them. Hannah learned that she shouldn’t worry but trust God. Matthew 6:26 says, “Look at the the birds in the air. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, but your Heavenly Father feeds them. And know that you are worth much more than the birds.” It’s important to remember that God provides, no matter what.

Now that Hannah is back in Fort Collins, she plans to attend Colorado State University in the fall of 2013 and study Heath and Exercise Science with the intention of one day becoming a physical therapist. Hannah says, “you’re a missionary wherever you go.” She wants to always be encouraging people to get better and through that, share God’s love.

(Courtesy of Storyteller Nicole Sutton)

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