Update on Timberline Ambassadors – The Sisneros Family

Sisneros family
Over ten months ago, the Sisneros family left the comforts of home in Northern Colorado and moved to Guatemala City. In a few weeks, they are moving again to be closer to their increasing ministry in the village of El Rosario. While you can visit their blogs at www.GodCalledUs.com to find out more about what God has been doing through them, here is one glimpse into their work in Guatemala.

For the last three years, the public school in El Rosario has been in need of major construction and in particular a new kitchen. Several local women had been walking miles upon miles and hours upon hours daily to neighboring towns to collect materials (rebar, cinder blocks, corrugated metal, etc.) to help in the construction. A little church in Kiowa, Colorado heard about this need and asked if they could pay a local contractor to build the needed kitchen.

The mission’s team, including George Sisneros, accepted their offer and after a six-month search of local contractors, found one (or more) to build the kitchen. After three long years of waiting and trying to build this much needed kitchen, the windows and doors were installed in early May. The following week, the finishing touches of a wood stove and water purification system were installed in the kitchen, making El Rosario’s public school one of the only schools in Guatemala to have purified water.

george sisneros

With the job complete and everyone happy, one might think this tale is over. But wait! As usual, the Lord is not done doing what the Lord does. Through the work of the Sisneros family, their mission group, and by extension Timberline Church among other churches, the public school has reopened the conversation about letting an abandoned school building be used as a Christian academy for boys so they can learn that there is father who does not want to abuse them but rather love on them unconditionally. (Read more about these amazing open doors on George’s blog.)

God is doing amazing things in Guatemala through the Sisneros family, Ambassadors from Timberline Church in Fort Collins. George thanks everyone for their support and would love to add more people to their mailing list for regular updates (contact them through www.GodCalledUs.com). The Sisneros family is planning to return to Colorado for a few weeks later this year to visit family and friends.

(Courtesy of Storyteller Donnie Crouch)

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