Team Heading to Sky Corral Ranch

6.8 Fire Recovery Team

A team of over 30 SERVE 6.8 volunteers will be serving locally on a four-day short-term missions trip starting this Thursday. They will be staying and working at Sky Corral Ranch in the Stove Prairie area that was significantly affected by last year’s High Park Fire. Sky Corral Ranch operates as a Christian retreat center and is home to Stove Prairie Community Church. Team members will be felling trees, using them to stabilize hillsides to prevent eroson, and planting hundreds of trees and shrubs. In addition, they will be helping another woman build a shed and put up fencing. Most importantly, they will be letting the residents of this community know that we have not forgotten about them.

Sky Corral 1While the team is gone, please pray for their safety as they work on steep hillsides, team unity, organization and logistics, open doors to bless  a community still recovering from devastation, and good weather for working outdoors.

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