More Than A Check


Timberline Church financially supports missionary partners around the world and specific Ambassadors sent out from our own congregation. But we’ve committed to do more than send a check. Part of the Love Reaches ministry involves prayer, care, and hospitality to meet the needs of our missionaries.

On the first Thursday of every month, there is a Missions Fasting & Prayer meeting at 12:30 p.m. in the Timberline Prayer Room. In addition to praying for specific needs and the persecuted church around the world, the group prays over short-term mission’s teams and Timberline Ambassadors before they leave.

In order to pray effectively and collectively the rest of the month, updated prayer requests are compiled and distributed by email to those who want to faithfully undergird our missionaries in prayer. When short-term teams are out in the field, a prayer-point person relays daily prayer needs that are then distributed by email so the team is covered by prayer throughout their deployment.

When visiting missionaries stop by Fort Collins, we extend hospitality by hosting them in homes, taking them out for meals, showing them around the area, providing opportunities for them to speak to small groups, and generally serving them in any way they need. We want our missionaries to really feel loved and cared for during their time at Timberline.

If you are interested in receiving prayer request emails or learning more about the prayer team, contact Dick DeCook. If you are interested in extending hospitality to visiting missionaries, contact Melanie Munn.

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