Planting Hope After The Fire

sky corral trip

The High Park fire has been out for months … but three to five years worth of work remains. (And that’s assuming the drought eases and no more fires ignite.)

Teams of SERVE 6.8 volunteers have received chain-saw safety training and journeyed once a month into the foothills to help individuals with erosion control on burned slopes. They arrive to find a charred mess and leave behind a cleared, tidy, straw-strewn area … and thankful homeowners. As spring nears, teams will focus more on re-forestation especially after receiving tree-planting training on March 9th.

On April 11 to 14, 2013, a team will be going on a three-night short-term missions trip into the foothills to serve the members of Stove Prairie Community Church impacted by the High Park Fire and help Sky Corral Lodge continue to be a creation-centered Christian camp drawing families and ministries closer to Christ. The trip will focus on erosion control and tree planting with some light construction possible and is open to anyone who can use a shovel and navigate steep hillsides. Applications and deposits are due March 10, 2013.

If you love the outdoors and don’t mind getting dirty, contact Newlen Sutton at for more information about the trip or joining a work team.

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