The World In Our Backyard

Dearborn mosque

Did you know that the world has come to Ft. Collins?

Nearly 2,000 students from dozens of countries around the globe are pursuing degrees and dreams on the campus at Colorado State University. Hundreds of these students come from countries with large Muslim populations. While some may see these numbers with a doubtful eye, God’s children view them as His gift to the Church! For centuries Christians have crossed oceans, mountains, and deserts to share the love of God with those that are now coming to our shores.

Something exciting and blessed is happening to God’s people here in Ft. Collins as they have begun to catch the vision of touching the World that is now in our backyard. The Muslim Friendship Team, a group of dedicated believers from all over town, are meeting our foreign visitors by volunteering as English conversation partners, rubbing elbows and sharing chicken at some of CSU’s potluck dinners, or even helping refugees from Iraq or Somalia that are being settled into our area.

Dearborn supermarket

Timberline Church has also been invited to send a short-term missions team to America’s largest concentration of Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan. From April 14-21, our team will assist an Assemblies of God church that is establishing itself right in the middle of that Muslim community to share the love of God with them. Team members will help with some construction projects on the church site and be led by local missionaries to learn about and meet many from several Muslim nations that have chosen America as their home of choice and who desperately need to know Jesus. Not to mention, the team will get to eat some fantastic Middle Eastern food! The trip is open to people of all skill levels and those curious about other cultures. The $800 to $900 cost of the trip includes airfare, lodging, and food. (Caftans and turbans are extra.)

If you would like more information about how you can get involved, contact Wes Tucker at, call him at 970-672-2100, or look for the table in the mall this weekend.

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