U COUNT Launching New Projects

UCOUNT nepal-header1

Marketplace sales were brisk at Timberline Church over the weekend as the U COUNT Campaign celebrated the past five years of fighting human trafficking one precious life at a time. In addition to purchasing colorful new products from India and Nepal, interested browsers were able to pick up trafficking awareness information, investigate corporate partnerships, talk to Campaign leaders, and learn about Rich’s Ride for U COUNT.

Pastor Jeff Lucas’ sermon on “The Color Red” brought attention to the color of danger (a warning that modern slavery exists), passion (God is angry about injustice), love (God’s love extended through us), humanity (we all bleed the same color), and celebration (the blood of Jesus that saves us all). The theme came full circle through a powerful video showing a length of red ribbon traveling to Nepal, New Dehli, Kolkata and back again, linking us with those who have found new hope. Small pieces of that very ribbon were distributed at the end of the service as a prayer reminder.

The U COUNT Campaign also announced several new projects. Throughout 2013, they will be fundraising to provide the following for courageous frontline anti-trafficking organizations in India:

Project Rescue New Delhi:

  • Outreach Center – A permanent meeting place to bring help and healing to women and children of the Red Light District.
  • A permanent residence for the daughters and sons of prostituted women.

Project Rescue Kolkata:

  • A permanent multi-purpose site for the Vocational Unit and Evening Care Center
  • Financial support for staffing

The Dream Tee:

  • Every rescued woman and child has a dream. Like you she dreams of becoming a teacher, minister, counselor, graphic designer, or businesswoman.
  • Purchase a U COUNT T-shirt and send a rescued girl to college.

How can you get involved? Go to the U COUNT Campaign website to learn more, shop online, discover ways to pray, make a donation, or sign up to receive their newsletter via email. You can like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter  for more updates. Male and female volunteers are needed on various teams including prayer, the product warehouse, marketing, and events. If you would like more information about volunteer opportunities, contact info@ucountcampaign.org.

It’s a busy year ahead for the U COUNT Campaign as they continue the fight to stop human trafficking through education, fundraising, and business opportunities.

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