U COUNT Campaign Makes a Difference

U COUNT banner

A lot can happen when one person decides to make a difference.

After years of assuming that slavery was a thing of the past, Bonnie Northrop discovered the horrific statistics about human trafficking and was convinced she needed to do something about it. That determination eventually led to the founding of the U COUNT Campaign with the mission to stop human trafficking. Five years later, their vision is to be locally, regionally, and globally involved to help fight human trafficking through education, fundraising, and business opportunities.

In 2012, they partnered with Homeless Gear in Fort Collins to supply breakfast bags for homeless individuals at-risk of being trafficked. Regionally, U COUNT has partnered to help Praxus, a ministry in Denver that helps homeless teens, and Sarah’s Home, a private residential facility for rescued juvenile victims of sexual slavery in the United States. Globally, U COUNT has partnered with Project Rescue to finance the construction of a Home of Hope outside Kolkata, India to house and protect the daughters of prostitutes as well as provide a residential and vocational center for survivors of sexual slavery.

U COUNT marketplace

Once members of the U COUNT Campaign team learned that rescued women were making items, it was a natural step to start the Marketplace to create job sustainability. New Direct Trade shipments of bags, purses, jewelry, stationary, linens, mittens, hats, and more arrive every month to be sold online at ucountcampaign.org or in the Timberline Church Resource Center. Each product sold creates a demand and opportunity to employ another woman needing a new life. Proceeds go to the women and to equip vocational training centers.

This weekend, January 26 and 27, is the U COUNT Spotlight to celebrate how Timberline Church has made a difference in the lives of women and children who have been rescued out of sex trafficking. Marketplace items will be available for sale at both the Fort Collins and Windsor campuses. Join us for updates on upcoming projects.

In the fight to stop human trafficking, your efforts count to give hope to a woman who counts. All it takes is one person to make a difference.

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