Florida Hope Tour 2013

training-ride-300x300January is perfect weather for a bike ride … if you’re in Florida. That’s just one reason Timberline Church member Rich Dixon is headed south in a few weeks.

The other reasons are another chapter in a story that began in 1987 when this math teacher fell from his roof while hanging Christmas lights. Paralyzed from the chest down, Rich eventually discovered that limitations are mostly self-imposed. Along the way, he also discovered hope. Then God turned a personal dream into a chance to inspire, share hope, and give others the opportunity to see faith in action.

In September, 2011, Rich set out on an eight-week, 1500-mile handcycle trip along the Mississippi River. He spoke to 4000 people in 26 venues and raised nearly $60,000 for the children’s nutrition initiative of Convoy of Hope. In July, 2012, he joined 25 able-bodied cyclists as part of the 500-mile IJM Freedom Tour, helping to raise more than $30,000 to combat human trafficking and modern day slavery through the work of International Justice Mission.

florida hope tour

On January 28th, Rich is scheduled to start the Florida Hope Tour 2013, a five-week, 1000-mile trip around the perimeter of the Sunshine State in partnership with Convoy of Hope. His three-fold mission is to demonstrate that it’s possible to overcome adversity and accomplish big dreams, to speak to a variety of audiences with a message of hope and God’s faithfulness, and to raise funds and awareness for worthy humanitarian causes.

How can you help support Rich’s Ride? First, pray for his health and safety, for receptive audiences, and open doors along the way. Second, visit www.RichsRide.org and sign up to receive email progress updates. Third, while there, consider sponsoring a leg of the journey to cover their on-the-road expenses or make a donation to Convoy of Hope. Or last, take Rich up on his challenge to do a thousand of something as he rides a thousand miles. (Sit-ups, push-ups, minutes on a treadmill, minutes spent volunteering somewhere, or pennies dropped into a jar – it all adds up!)

It’s just one small way to join Rich’s Ride as he spreads hope in Florida.

One response to “Florida Hope Tour 2013

  1. Go Rich! Praying for you every mile! You are such an inspiration!

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