Changing Lives with The Bridge

2011 The Bridge 53

What are you doing this Christmas season to help someone else? It’s not too late to adopt a family or volunteer to help with The Bridge on December 18th and 19th. After all, the life that’s changed might just be yours.

Consider the story of Margie Bennett (watch the You Tube video ), a Bridge volunteer for the past two years. The first time she volunteered, she heard that the organizers still needed help and just showed up. As a social worker by profession, she spent the majority of her days working with the under-served in the community and therefore expected The Bridge event to be like a typical work day.

It was not.

Margie pointed out that the first time she volunteered she was questioning every aspect of faith including the very existence of God. It was a time of confusion and uncertainty. But as she served the people at The Bridge that night, she started to feel in her heart something that she’d never experienced before. It was an “amazing feeling of connectedness and love and caring.” It wasn’t until about three-quarters of the way through the event that it occurred to her that what she was experiencing was the undeniable and overwhelming presence of God in the room.

In that moment she became a true believer and realized that she was meant to be there. God had been calling her.  As a result, God turned Margie’s life around and transformed her, beginning with her conscious decision to become a Christian. Ten months later, Margie and her son were baptized at Timberline Church.

As Margie said, “I love The Bridge event. Amazing things happen there.  But it’s particularly significant for me because it turned my life around. It’s one of my favorite parts of the holiday and I can’t wait for it this year.”

2011 The Bridge 36

 How can you help? First, consider adopting a family this Christmas. As of a few days ago, 864 families were on the list but only 290 individuals or groups had signed up to help. (To sign up, go to, under “Peaks” along the top click on Love Embraces, click on Adopt-A-Family in the upper left corner of the new page, and then fill out the online form. )

If you can’t adopt an entire family, consider joining with others to help a family this Christmas. The same online form has an option for financial donations or gift cards. Or you can call the AAF office at 970-482-4387, extension 515, and volunteer to help out.

Last, but certainly not least, you could join Margie and volunteer to help at The Bridge on December 18th and 19th. Contact Ron Hedrick for more information.

Let’s change a life this Christmas!

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