Medical Team Headed to Guatemala

On November 1, 2012, a 30-member team led by Linda and Bob Vomaske will be traveling to Guatemala to provide medical, dental, and optical services to numerous communities over a ten-day period. Team members include three doctors, one dentist, four nurses, two nurse practitioners, and one pharmacist. Their work will be aided by local pastors and translators.

The group will spend their first day in Guatemala City, providing medical care to the Jesucristo es mi Casa Children’s Home.  They will then travel six hours by bus to Los Amates in the Izabol region in the northeast section of Guatemala. After spending a day providing services in Los Amates, the team will then travel to three different communities each day, requiring a lot of unpacking and packing of supplies. (In previous years, the team has had one location with the community coming to them.)

As if numerous locations weren’t enough of a challenge, changes in Customs regulations dictate that medical supplies must be brought into the country in their original containers. This means that medications cannot be divided into individual rations beforehand and requires extra work for the team once they get to Guatemala.

Please pray for safe travels for team members and their supplies.

Pray for the logistics as they move supplies to the different areas and ration medications.

Pray for open doors to reach those in need.

Pray that the team would lean on the Lord for strength and that they would be sustained through Him.

Pray for their emotional strength as they serve the people of Guatemala.

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