In Katia’s Honor

Few can forget the devastation in Haiti after an earthquake in January 2010 leveled much of Port-Au-Prince, displaced almost 2 million people, and killed over 200,000. Countless children lost their parents and existing orphanages were quickly overcrowded. Teams from many organizations around the world rushed to provide help and relocate orphans to outlying areas, but many children still did not have access to adequate nutrition and medical care.

One five-year-old girl, Katia, captured the hearts of Timberline team members and personified the desperate need. When members first met Katia, she’d recently had mumps from head to toe, a body cast from her waist to her feet, a high fever, horrible skin conditions, had lost most of her body weight, and was too weak to lift her head. Team members begged to take Katia to a local clinic and were able to get medications and nutrition supplements for her … yet had to trust the orphanage staff to continue her care once the team returned to the United States.

A month later, another team visited the orphanage and sought out Katia. They took her and several other children to a doctor and were told she needed a nutritional program in order to survive, but were unable to get her transferred to the clinic she needed. The team returned home and later learned from a ministry partner that Katia was no longer at the orphanage and was unaccounted for.  After a couple of weeks, team members were informed searchers were looking for a body. As Timberline began to mourn the loss of this little girl, God had another plan for her. After all the children had been moved to a new facility, Katia was found on the side of a road where she had been dumped off. Today, Katia has recovered and is doing very well.

Birthed out of Timberline’s involvement in Haiti, Katia’s House serves as a collection point for donated clothing, bedding, and diapers that are delivered to orphanages and ministries both locally and globally. Some supplies have gone to Haiti, Guatemala, Africa, Safe Families for Children, and local fire relief efforts.

Katia’s House will be a featured ministry during the upcoming Christmas Missions Marketplace (November 10 and 11) where individuals can make donations in honor of a family member as an alternative Christmas gift.

One response to “In Katia’s Honor

  1. This is a great story. Thanks for sharing it with us. It really is good to hear about some victories in the middle of all the tragedy we associate with Haiti.

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