The Baby House

In the extreme poverty of Guatemala, one situation tears at the heart. Since international adoptions were shut down in 2008, orphanages are full to capacity and without enough staff to adequately care for all of the children. Not to mention, increasing numbers of babies are being abandoned at hospitals or on the side of the roads.

In mid-2012, one Timberline family moved to Guatemala with the vision to help open a Christian family style home for abandoned babies in cooperation with Mimi’s House, an existing girl’s home. Toward that goal, they currently operate a Guest House to host visiting missions teams and plan for the proceeds to eventually fund the Mimi’s House 1st Family Style Baby Home’s ongoing ministry.

With less than a month to go until officially launching, they already have one baby referred to their care. Eventually, the home will house four or five babies who are lovingly cared for by Guatemalan house parents and staff until they are ready to go off to college. The hope is to then duplicate this model of care in similar homes across Guatemala.

How can you help? First, pray for the finances and timing for the physical home to be prepared. Pray for the teams that will bring supplies and make necessary repairs. Once they are able to house the babies, pray for (and consider joining) the teams that will come to love and serve them. Last, consider supporting the ministry by going to, clicking on the donate button, and putting “Baby Home” in the designation area.

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