Building Hope For Families

A loving family decides to open their home to children in need, but before they can get their foster care license, they have to adhere to safety guidelines provided by the state. That process often includes replacing stair railings, storage of chemicals, and installing child locks on cabinets among other repairs. They could hire a contractor to do the work, but that can get quite expensive. They could try to do it themselves, but that might take months to complete. Meanwhile, a child in an urgent situation waits for placement.

The answer? Building Hope.

Building Hope is an extension of SERVE 6.8 at Timberline Church that deploys volunteers with construction skills to places of need. Over the past months, volunteers have rebuilt a fence for a senior citizen, repaired leaking roofs at a trailer park, rebuilt stairs for a single mom, helped an elderly man with plumbing issues, helped a single mom with a fencing project, and helped a single woman in Rist Canyon with shelter for the winter. They raise money for materials through donations and fundraisers like a play house auction and a golf tournament.

Building Hope also steps in to help support foster and adoptive families. Over Labor Day weekend, a team helped finish several projects for a family seeking their foster care license after providing respite care for three children. As the couple wrote, “We are overwhelmed by the generosity and support provided … Now thanks to the help we’ve received, we will have our license, and if the opportunity becomes available to become their forever family, we can do so.”

Sometimes all it takes to help a foster family is picking up a hammer. If you would like to help, contact Ron at or Mike at

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