Caring For Hurting Hearts

Clear space in a closet, buy some clothes, make a bed, and set another place at the table. That’s all it takes to welcome a needy child into your home. Right?

Fostering and adopting a child is not that simple. In addition to legal red tape and home studies, families must also be prepared to handle complicated emotional needs. Many children have experienced trauma and that manifests itself in a variety of ways, like defiance, anxiety, and sneaky behaviors. As a result, families with the best of intentions can experience interactions far beyond what they have been prepared or equipped to handle.

Finally Home Foundation was established in 2008 by Mark and Kristin Orphan.  Their personal experience as foster and adoptive parents led them to continue their journey by serving other families on a similar journey.  FHF exists to encourage and equip foster and adoptive families and give them a forum to connect with one another. They also equip communities to rally around the heroes who are foster and adoptive families by linking arms with churches and organizations to provide practical tools like family strengthening education and post-placement support. In addition, FHF invites families out of isolation to gain access to ongoing support resources.

Through Family Wellness Events, Finally Home Foundation provides opportunities for couples to strengthen their marriages and receive emotional support from other families who know what they’re going through. These events are paid for through donations and scholarships. On their website, Finally Home Foundation also offers help connecting families with mentors or local support groups in addition to links to helpful book reviews, articles and research. Currently, FHF gives a portion of all of the money they raise to provide mental health scholarships for families caring for kids who have experienced prior abuse and neglect.

As part of communicating the vision, Kristin Orphan and the Finally Home Band will be in concert on October 28, 2012 at 6 p.m. at the Timberline Windsor Campus. Admission is free.  An offering will be collected at the concert for FHF’s continued work in serving Northern Colorado families.

After seeing how much energy and effort is needed to care for a hurting heart and welcome them home, Finally Home Foundation comes alongside to help.

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