Sponsoring a Child is powerful!!

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A few months ago my wife Kendra and I took the opportunity to look through many profiles of children from
Dubuisson, Haiti. There are many children that you can sponsor through Mission of Mercy that live in Dubuisson. After reading and praying through the profiles, our heart continued to come back to this sweet girl named Danaelle Kory. She completely stole our hearts with her smile and the words that were said in her bio. 
In June of 2012 we were able to be part of a team from Timberline Church to go to Dubuisson on a mission trip. I spoke with one of the leaders of the church and asked if she knew this girl (I brought the profile picture with me), and if we could meet her while we were in Haiti. She did know the Danelle and said that we could meet her. 
Kendra and I had with great privilege spend many hours with Danelle. It brings tears to my eyes to know that God guided us to Danaelle then allowed us to meet her. It is an honor to pray for such a sweet child and support her.
If you have ever thought about children from other parts of the world and how could I ever make a difference in their life. Well I am here to tell you that this is a way that you can make a massive difference in the life of a child that sometimes does not even have food to eat, let alone toys to play with. The prayers you pray over a child is the most important thing you can do, then support them financially for approximately $1.13 per day will change their life.
– Troy Knuppel, Missions Ministry Leader for Dubuisson – tlknuppel@gmail.com
Many children in Dubuisson are waiting for a sponsor.  Your response to sponsoring a child will not only impact that child, but their family and community.  As Troy describes above, it will also have an impact on you as you commit to pray for the child you sponsor.
Sponsor A Child Today –  http://www.lovereaches.org
click on the “One Child Matters – Sponsor a Child in Dubuisson, Haiti” button on the left side.  
Timberline Church/Love Reaches is committed to have an on going relationship with the church and community leaders in Dubuisson, Haiti.  What a blessing it will be to watch the impact sponsorship will have in Dubuisson! 

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