More than Mixing Concrete in Haiti – June 2012


What’s a construction crew to do when they can’t get stucco to stick? Turn it over to the experts, of course.

On June 27, 2012, a nine-member team from Timberline Church traveled to Dubuisson Haiti with the goal of building relationships and working on the construction of the Looking for Souls Church. But when their stucco efforts held up progress, the team shifted into a much-appreciated support role. While some members hoisted buckets of water up from a well, others sifted cement and shoveled sand. After mixing the concrete on the floor, the team had to work hard to keep the local craftsmen well supplied.

Six days later, the cinderblock walls had been coated on the inside and progress made on the outside. Benches were brought in and festive straw hats were hung as decorations as the approximately 200 member church met to dedicate their new building. The dedication was a very special time for the team. They had the privilege of being a part of the celebration and were also honored by the community. The service included a powerful time in worship as well as a special performance by the children that are sponsored through Mission of Mercy in conjunction with Timberline Church.

When not actively working on the church building, team members spent time interacting with both old and new friends. Team leaders Troy and Kendra Knuppel put their growing fluency in Creole to use and earned smiles from the community. When asked what impacted them the most about the trip, team members responded that even though the language barrier exists, love is the same.

On their third day in Haiti, the team visited families and friends in tent cities and saw where they live. After interacting with individuals around the church building, it was somewhat overwhelming to see the conditions where many of the Haitian people still live over two years after the earthquake. However, Troy Knuppel was encouraged to see that progress had been made since his first trip in November 2011. Looking for Souls Church does a great job of reaching out into the community and team members could see it in the way individuals and families responded to the church leaders.

Thanks to Timberline Church’s efforts, over 170 children have been sponsored through the Mission of Mercy program. If you are interested in sponsoring a child from Dubuisson, please visit and click on the Sponsor a Child link. Going forward, Timberline Church will be partnering with Looking for Souls Church and Mission of Mercy to assist the community in building a Child Development Center to further the education of the Haiti’s children and young adults.

Over the course of six days in Haiti, it’s clear that the team from Timberline Church accomplished much more than mixing concrete.

One response to “More than Mixing Concrete in Haiti – June 2012

  1. This is a great story. Thanks for sharing this with us and keep up the good work in Haiti.

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