Responding to the High Park Fire


When the High Park Fire ignited almost four weeks ago, members of the SERVE 6.8 team sprang into action. At the evacuation center at Cache La Poudre Middle School  and later at the McKee Building at The Ranch, caring individuals attended the daily briefings and met with displaced families to provide listening ears, prayer, clothing, and friendship. Timberline Church opened their doors to feed staff from the Sky Corral Ranch and Women’s Ministries showered them with gift cards and gently used clothing to replace belongings left behind during the evacuation.

As the fire grew and the number of homes lost rose, SERVE 6.8 continued to reach out to our community. Team members kept attending the daily citizen briefings and made themselves available to fire victims and relief organizations. This availability led to more open doors when Red Cross and Salvation Army staff welcomed SERVE 6.8 into the resource center at the McKee building.

Established relationships with Samaritan’s Purse led to their contacting Timberline Church to discuss ways we could partner with them.  We offered to host their team as a base of operations and were able to find housing for their advance crew.  Within a week, Samaritan’s Purse trailers full of tools, tarps, and equipment parked in the church lot and an amazing 400 plus new volunteers signed up to help with recovery efforts. In the meantime, another fire ravaged Estes Park and the Samaritan’s Purse team rushed in to offer their services.

With the High Park Fire at 100% containment and the Estes Park fire out, families have been allowed back into the burned areas to see what’s left of their homes and the real work has just begun.  In the past week, SERVE 6.8 teams have been working with Samaritan’s Purse in Estes Park to help fire victims sift through the ashes and attempt to find memories as well as closure. Over the next six weeks, trained volunteers will begin work in the Rist Canyon and Glacier View communities as well.

As the focus shifts from evacuation to recovery, SERVE 6.8 will continue to be there showing the love of Christ in tangible ways with no strings attached. If you are interested in helping, please contact Mike Walker or Ron Hedrick at 970.482.4387 or at

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