Partnering with Samaritan’s Purse In The Days Ahead

A message from our SERVE 6.8 Leaders – 
 As a follow up to the Timberline Church meeting on Sunday evening regarding fire victim assistance, we’re communicating primarily to those that weren’t able to attend.  At this time we are only equipping those that want to work on the front line with Samaritan’s Purse helping victims clean their fire damaged homes and sifting ashes to try and recover lost effects.   Below is the job description and requirements for anyone that would like to participate in this work.  Please take the time to read and understand these expectations.

Frontline Volunteer Job Description:  those in good, physical condition that will work under direction from Samaritan’s Purse helping sift ashes and remove debris. Transportation to the work site will be by car pools.

Timeframe and Age Commitments:
 Full day commitments – partial days are not possible due to access into the fire zone
 Meet at church near Samaritan’s Purse truck in south parking by 7am
 Return to church by 6pm (could vary, depending on work order request)
 No children under 14- minors must be with a parent
 Children will not be allowed to work machinery or heavy equipment

Dress Code:
 Work style, heavy jeans – no shorts
 Boots or sturdy shoes; no opened toed shoes
 No dresses or revealing apparel
 Samaritan’s Purse will provide a free t-shirt – please do NOT alter it

Self Care:
 Know how to take care of yourself
 Take extra water, hats, gloves, sunscreen, whatever, to protect yourself
 Bring your own lunch

Who’s in charge?
 Samaritan’s Purse is totally in charge when you leave the church
 They will check you in and train you
 They will introduce themselves and ensure you know who your guide/supervisor is
 Communicate directly with them for all work related issues

 Each morning, decisions as to who can drive others will be determined within the pool of volunteers
 If you can drive, please be sure to have tank full of gas when you arrive at the church

Sharing time:
 Each evening, there’s an opportunity to share experiences during the day
 Chaplains are available to talk to anyone who has had struggles during the day

This is a serious task and we know you will understand why we want you to be aware of these special requirements.  If you can meet these expectations you are now ready to answer the call.  Serve 6.8 will inform you when Samaritan’s Purse has authorization to begin work and you will be responsible for showing up prepared as outlined above.

Please do not show up at the trailer until we let you know the work has begun.

Thank you all for being patient and for your faithful service.

For more information contact:
Mike Walker –
Ron Hedrick –

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