Engaging Islam


bridges class

       Sundays, 10 am

       April 22 – June 3, 2012 (7 weeks)

       Timberline Church – Rm 211

Engaging Islam in America is a 7-week course on topics related to understanding what Islam is and learning to share the Gospel with Muslims in America. Everyone is welcome to attend. This class will be a good preparation for those planning to participate in Timberline’s mission trip to Dearborn, Michigan on June 10-17. Your attendance signifies a willingness to learn about these things but does not oblige you to any of these activities.

The basis for our study is a 6-part DVD series called, “Bridges” created by Fouad Masri, a Lebanese believer and founder of the Crescent Project, whose mission is to get the Church engaged in bringing the Gospel to Muslims, particularly in the U.S.

Facilitating our learning, discussions, and leading the team to Dearborn will be Wes Tucker, a missionary involved in outreach to Muslims in France and Colorado for 23 years. No pre-registration is necessary. 

Drop-ins are welcome anytime during the 7 weeks!

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