The Café and Missions

Note: Heather Pulley is the manager at the Timberline Church Café. She and her team work every week to support the shop, customers, and Missions. In this post, she tells about the bigger mission of the Café.

The Café at Timberline Church is a non-profit coffee shop with a heart for Missions.  We are operated by a great staff of volunteers and are open seven days a week.  Our primary Missions focus is Africa, and we currently make monthly donations to organizations that focus on education, clean water, and orphan care.  In 2011, our tips alone contributed over $3600 to Think Compassion, an organization that runs a school in Kigali, Rwanda.  Our coffee is certified Fair Trade and comes from Rwanda.  A portion of the proceeds from each bag of coffee purchased goes directly back to the growers in Rwanda.  Each cup of coffee purchased and each tip donated make an impact on a global scale.  We are blessed to be able to contribute to the Missions Ministry at Timberline Church simply by serving quality coffee and snacks at reasonable prices.

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